Ungrounded Plugs

Ungrounded Plugs

Does your home have ungrounded outlets, would you like them grounded for convenience and protection? Ungrounded outlets can pose a serious risk to your family and your home. The most obvious sign your home is ungrounded is that your plugs are only two prongs rather than three. However, people often will put three prong plugs even though the electrical system does not have a ground wire. You may discover your house is ungrounded by more subtle signs. The main role of the ground wire is to protect against electrical shock and to avoid fires and other hazards in the home.  Below are some of the dangers that occur with ungrounded outlets, call us now to get it fixed.

Health hazard- Ungrounded outlets can cause electric shocks through electrical devices plugged into them.

Electrical fire hazard- One of the reasons you may see sparks is because of ungrounded outlets, which can potentially result in fires.

Appliance loss- An ungrounded outlet can cause an appliance to short, which can result in the appliance burning out and being useless.

Converting Ungrounded Plugs to Grounded for Protection

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