Smart Panel

Span Smart Circuit Breaker Box

The Span smart circuit panel is revolutionizing our relationship with power. In today’s world, energy is consumed at very high rates and our electrical grid has taken a beating because of it. Many customers are dealing with rolling blackouts and losing power at unprecedented rates. Solutions have begun to arise, and many new practical adoptions are taking place. In some of the other pages I talked about generators and battery backup systems, now we move on to the interface. The system which allows you to control and monitor your power usage.

Span Smart Electrical Panel Installation Services

How It Works

The Span Panel communicates with the circuits throughout your home to track power usage trends. The system gives you insights about your wattage use via app and allows you take control of your electrical use. Not only will you be able to track your power usage through every circuit and appliance, but you will also be able to turn power off to a circuit through the Span app. Have you ever accidentally left the oven on, or forgot to turn off a light? Well, no problem. With the Span panel you can turn off any circuit remotely ensuring the safety of your home.

But Wait It Gets Better!

The system also communicates directly with your solar panels, allowing you to track your daily usage. Furthermore, it removes the hassle of having to install a critical load panel for your battery backup systems, as you will be able to sort your critical load circuits directly through the app that communicates with the panel.

Abnormal Faults and Capacity

It can take time diagnosing a problem in your electrical system. You may have an unusual wattage surge and never realize it until that outrageous PGE bill comes in. With the Span Panel you’re automatically alerted if an abnormal wattage reading comes in, letting you know that you have a problem that needs to be fixed. These panels can be supplied with a 100- or 200-amp breaker.

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