Recessed and Other Lighting

Recessed and Other Lighting

With the constant price gouging and blaming the consumer from PGE, switching to LED will save a good deal of money, as well as brighten your house. Recessed lighting is the best way to do this, the lights are low profile and the trim sits flush with the ceiling. The most common can light sizes are 4 inch and 6 inch, and they can be installed in new construction or old work.

With recessed lighting not only does it give off plenty of light with less energy consumption, but it also makes the room feel much bigger since the lights are flush with the ceiling and no fixture is interrupting the view. Recessed lighting also makes a room look bigger due to the wall washing effect.  Wall washing is a lighting effect that casts more light around the room. In order to produce this effect, the recessed light needs to be 2 to 3 feet from the wall. 

If you have a piece of art hanging on the wall you wish to illuminate, or a bookshelf you want to light up, or perhaps a decoration of some sort, then recessed lights will work perfect for you. By installing directional recessed lights, we can light up any piece of art in your home. 

Another advantage of recessed lighting is the ability to adjust the Kelvin. The Kelvin is the measurement that determines the brightness of your light. The higher the Kelvin, the cooler the white light, the lower the Kelvin, the warmer the white light.  Before we finish your lights will be adjusted exactly to your needs.

We install other types of lighting. Landscape, outdoor, fixtures, undercabinet lighting, and much more.

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