Kitchen, Bathroom & House Remodeling

Kitchen, Bathroom & House Remodeling

The remodeling process can often be stressful and annoying. We will do our best to alleviate these side effects that come with having your home torn apart. With experience in hundreds of remodels, we will help you design your electrical system in a way that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, and of course, everything will be done to local code standards. Call us now for help on your dream project.

Kitchen Remodel

An electrical circuit is a path for transmitting electric current. Each breaker corresponds to one circuit. Every stationary appliance in your kitchen must have a dedicated circuit and the kitchen counter plugs most also have at least 1 or 2 dedicated circuits. In a typical kitchen there will be a refrigerator, microwave, garbage disposal, dishwasher, oven, and stove top. So minimum, you may need 7 to 10 circuits. Often times it is the case that a subpanel needs to be added or your main panel may need to be upgraded to account for both room in the panel for the breakers and amperage use.

Bathroom Remodel

In a bathroom remodel two or three circuits is generally sufficient. Two to account for lighting and plugs, and three if you have a stationary appliance, like a toilet bidet which needs a dedicated circuit. In your typical bathroom you will have a two or 3 gang box to account for two or three switches (a humidity sensor switch to control your exhaust fan, an occupancy sensor switch to control your ceiling lighting, and an dimmer switch to control your vanity light). As well as 1 to 3 GFCI plugs, possibly more depending on your bathroom layout.

Whole house Remodel

In a whole house remodel if your panel is not 200 amps it will need to be upgraded to account for the extra amperage that your dedicated circuits will use, as well as make space for Arc Fault breakers. Often times a subpanel will have to be utilized as well to make the wiring easier and to add room for more needed circuits.

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