Generator Transfer Switch Installs

Generator Transfer Switch Installs

With PGE at war with the consumer; draining our power grids and turning off our power systems when they feel like it, a good back up option may be a generator. There are few different types of generators common in homes, and different fuel source options as well.

Portable generators are small compact generators that are easy to move. These generators usually range from 3000 to 4000 watts and are useful for small circuit items. They generally have a connection for a propane tank and they also take gasoline. For this type of set up you may find it useful to get a transfer switch, which allows you to control particular circuits in the house through your transfer switch panel upon losing power.


Generator and Generator Transfer Switch Installation Services

Inverter generators are another option. They can be portable or stationary. These generators produce more of a clean stable energy making it useful for laptops, phone charger, and other electronically sensitive devices.



For more extensive power outages and greater use capacity it may be useful to get a standby generator. These generators often run off natural gas, but may also run off Gasoline. They are much bigger than portable generators and take up more room than an AC condenser. They also come with a transfer switch which automatically turns on when they unit senses a power outage.

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